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Basalt RockDust/Remineralize the Earth

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Dan Parker

May 28, 2013


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You could make the message window just a wee bit bigger, what are you doing saving on electrons. The solution to the GHG is to trigger the microbes into abundance, right now we are heading for desertification and our ability to neutralize GHG is being deminised because Nature is failing, by adding minerals to the surface of the earth a biologic engine is reignited by suppling the microbes with all the minerals needed for the microbes to proliferate. It turns out all plants consume the plasma of the dead microbe, by mismanagement and shortsightedness we are removing the ability of the Earth to convert the CO2 back into Oxy. What is required and sooner then later is minerals this is the key to restoring the creation to full potency.

James Greyson

May 31, 2013


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Hi Dan You should be able to drag the lower RHS corner of the message window to make it bigger? Interesting mineral idea, thanks! Would you like to develop this (and/or your wind turbine design) as new proposals in the CoLab? Regards, James (for the CoLab)