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How do you join a team for editing / composing a proposal?

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Anastasia Yanchilina

Feb 25, 2013


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Hi! I am new to this but want to work with others to create a proposal for combatting climate for practice. I am currently a graduate student at Columbia in paleoceanography but am thinking of getting more into sustainability and on the policy side of things. Thanks & look forward to hearing back!

Nishadh K.a.

Feb 26, 2013


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Hi, If you are interested in local solutions or urban adaptation, I welcome you to join proposal team of "bottom up mechanism for reducing urban emissions" in local solution category or "Chipko wetlands" in urban adaptation to greatly improve it. Thank you.

Rob Laubacher

Feb 26, 2013


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Another way to find people to work with would be to look at current or prior contests to find proposals that are of interest to you. You would then contact the author of a proposal of interest and inquire about joining forces with them.

Paul Via Franco

May 7, 2014


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Thanks for the help!