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Can tourism help? Let me introduce sustainable tourism world

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Sara Vitali

Jan 8, 2013


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I think so, but only the sustainable tourism, that's why I am promoting worldwide The first aim of this project is to develop a “Communities of Interest” about sustainability and sustainable tourism. The website would be a free and open platform where workers or students can introduce themselvesf and write about their work/school experience and give them access to others experiences and keep in touch with like minded people. I want to offer free of charge, real opportunities for sustainable tourism interaction. A site that will provide everything you need in one place: jobs opportunities, information about completed projects and works in progress in sustainability, expert advice about green and sustainability issues, global networking and professional contacts. Subjects of this platform are: - tourism businesses such as accommodation providers, the catering industry, farmers, landowners and tourist attractions. - destination management managed by public sector, community organisations or non profit/cultural organizations. - community involvement I am happy to listen to and consider every suggestions and advice about this project and if someone would collaborate! Ask me anything about! Best regards Sara

Michael Potts

Feb 27, 2013


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Sara, hi I was impressed at prof Tom Allens course in eco Tourism at ECU. The message is getting out - slowly but surely!

Rob Laubacher

Feb 27, 2013


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The concept of sustainable tourism might make for a good entry in the Climate CoLab's "Reducing consumption" contest: RL