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Building the CoLab


Discussions in this category are about future directions for the CoLab and its community. How can we best use the CoLab to solve the climate change problem?
TitleRepliesLast CommenterDate
Specific CoLab activities6James Greyson8 years ago
Models and modeling functionality5Dennis Peterson8 years ago
Intellectual Property Exchange, 2009 ©.4James Greyson8 years ago
Proposed Contest: A Climate Change Short Fiction Competition1Eric Durbrow8 years ago
"Gaming" on the CoLab5Deborah Phelan8 years ago
Evidence of climate change and the scale of required mitigation4Chris Smerald8 years ago
How can we create a CoLab activity around the idea quantifying local effects and impacts?8Linda Beamish8 years ago
Notification that voting has begun?2Rob Laubacher8 years ago
six global finalists, but only three can be voted for?4Roger Eaton8 years ago
Extremely dissapointed by the results5Wendy Wright8 years ago
How about a press release for the winners?1Mike Plusch8 years ago
Framing our collective activity14David Haaren8 years ago
Proposed Activities in 201240Karl Geissler7 years ago
Affordable amphibious housing solution for Climate Adaptation2James Greyson7 years ago
Sustainable Tourism World is looking for collaborators1Sara Vitali7 years ago
Running on Empty Caucus of USA Democrats3Dick Mcmanus7 years ago
New Innovations- Wind / Water Powered Energy2Corri 7 years ago
ECOCITY 20132James Greyson7 years ago
Anyone sharing job perspectives on climate change?2James Greyson7 years ago
Your feedback on 2011 + ideas for 2012 please20Pia Jensen7 years ago
First phase proposals review5Nishadh K.a.6 years ago
Does the money prize discourage collaboration? I think so.3Guy Beaumont5 years ago
Are there categories of solutions?2Laur Hesse Fisher5 years ago
Public webinar with Land Use Advisors & Fellows, June 251Tal Lee Anderman5 years ago
If you could offer future proposal authors one piece of advice, what would it be?16James Greyson5 years ago
Black Carbon, is it important to reduce, what can we do?2James Boulter5 years ago
WINNERS NETWOK11Jan Kunnas5 years ago
Common Visual Representation4Sam Notsureyouneedthis5 years ago
TOTAL WAR ON CLIMATE CHANGE3Sam Notsureyouneedthis5 years ago
Models/Voting Schemes/Structure/Theory for collaboration12Ted Wong4 years ago
Advisers, Fellows and Judges seem to be switched around.2Annalyn Bachmann4 years ago
Massive number of emails/comments being posted on same issue2Annalyn Bachmann4 years ago
Whole scale butchering/mixing of text3Annalyn Bachmann4 years ago
"Speed Dating" for Winners and Funders1Dave Finnigan4 years ago
EnRoads needs to be turned on for the revision time frame1Michael Hayes4 years ago
The judges written 'Evaluation' of proposals are not showing up on many proposals; Also are there standards for judging?8Annalyn Bachmann4 years ago
Algae for Climate Mitigation4Stuart Hodson3 years ago
Question about the climate colab model2Annalyn Bachmann2 years ago
Use of real names instead of screen names?18Jim Moss8 months ago
Only types of energy that can be produced in the future and requirements that will be necessary6Jonathan Allen3 weeks ago