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Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

The title and the pitch are inconsistent with the proposal. The proposal was unclear. Is the applicant proposing a product made from recycled material that can be DIY for SMEs, or a design of green buildings, is unclear. The applicant should have focused on the waste to product portion of the proposal and provided more information on the product design, specifications, applicability, estimate costs, and potential DIY. Products made of recycled plastic, at affordable prices, and DIY would have positive indirect and direct GHG emission reductions from retrofitting, expanding or building new facilities.

Love the idea of using recycled plastic for building insulation etc. But feasibility is a huge question. What about building codes? Are SMEs really building their own buildings or is this better directed toward construction companies and property developers (maybe not SMEs). But if it works, could be excellent

Didn't show a clear understanding of local regulatory obstacles they would need to navigate, and questions about feasibility of supply chain. The budget was also not fully costed.

I agree that recycling and reducing plastics is a very pressing concern. This seems like a solution for a different place than Ontario. Ontario already has extensive recycling although not for all plastics. This proposal does not address how this solution is superior to other products in Ontario and how it would be marketed to Ontario SMEs.

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