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Barnabe Geis

Jul 23, 2018


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Really interesting proposal. Some more information on the business model and the supply chain to serve Ontario would enhance this submission. 

Mona El Hallak

Jul 23, 2018


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Very interesting product. Focusing the proposal on your product/technology will strengthen the submission. Including many other clean technologies such as wind turbine and LED might distract the reader/reviewer from considering the benefits of your product as a stand alone solution.

Javed Sultan

Jul 27, 2018


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Thank you and Mr. Barnabie Geis & Prof. Hallak. My intention is to focus on the recycling of waste and render them value added products. It will create employment and might make Ontario a center for innovative solutions for re-cyclic waste - plastics through non Liquefaction process, as Liquefaction is high energy / high heat process - and the eventual by-products have a very high carbon footprint. Ontario can then license these products for a modest fee, or offer free via website etc. I am not interested personally in monetizing any of my modest technologies - but will respect potential investors need for return. We feel there are  many areas of technological intervention that are possible and practical now, which can effectively leverage renewable energy sources and reduce waste- and can be introduced now. I am hoping that I will get an opportunity to demonstrate using affordable strategies.  Unless I demonstrate - skeptics will win. The mix of various technologies will give a huge return on investment - not only in terms of money but also environmental and job creation. Some of my products are fully developed and tested, some need more time, investment and  and testing - with the potential of benefits becoming global. I will take your advice and try to strike a balance. Thank you for your considerate feedback and encouragement.