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Meredith Adler

Jul 23, 2018


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Overall this program is well thought through, and it is excellent that you have such strong ties to the local community and knowledge of what will work for them. The blending of promoting a circular economy and energy efficiency is also an excellent way to look at carbon holistically. 

Even though it is mentioned in the proposal, it is not clear how you are actually, or will actually, make a strong business case for reducing carbon in SMEs. Likewise, much of this program depends on an investment of employee time, which is often a very limited resource for SMEs so I do feel it needs to make a stronger business case for the investment of the time necessary for businesses to examine potential carbon-reduction efforts. 

The marketing budget also does not appear to match the scale at which you intend to grow the program. For mass adoption you will likely need to be able to attend SME events, host events, share success stories, and potentially more creative initiatives that fit the local context. A larger focus on marketing could greatly increase the participation in the program. 

There also may be more creative ways to incentivise SMEs to use your tools and engage the communities. Many programs like this have had successes in training students to do carbon inventories or things of this nature.