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"Black Pavilion" is a project for a self-cooling skyscraper designed for the conditions of the equatorial and subequatorial climate zone.



Is this proposal for a practice or a project?


What actions do you propose?

Who will take these actions?

"Black Pavilion" buildings should be supported by the states and governments , through direct investments or other incentives.

Black Pavilion buildings can provide a supportive environment for those who have post-oil thinking. Black Pavilion is a project that solves a number of complex issues for countries threatened by global warming, where temperatures go critically high.

Where will these actions be taken?

The "Black Pavilion" building project is suitable for realization in the coastal zones of the equatorial and subequatorial climate zones. Or it can be applied in places where there are yearly high levels of solar energy combined with high or moderate humidity levels. The Black Pavilion buildings are suited for building in the Middle East countries where they can deliver sustainable development after the era of liquid fuel income has come to an end. Black Pavilion buildings are also suitable for construction in dirty industrial areas (China), because with their powerful air currents they create, they significantly reduce the concentration of local pollution.


In addition, specify the country or countries where these actions will be taken.

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What impact will these actions have on greenhouse gas emissions and/or adapting to climate change?

Black Pavilion does not use any external energy or greenhouse gas sources for its operation. Black Pavilion is a building that only uses solar energy to cool, light and produce drinking water. Black Pavilion is building with zero greenhouse gas emissions.

What are other key benefits?

"Black Pavilion" does not use external energy (cheap maintenance).
"Black Pavilion" produces drinking fresh water.
"Black Pavilion" creates strong air currents and helps reduce the concentration of harmful gases and dust in polluted urban environments.
"Black Pavilion" separates and collects dusts into the air in large quantities.
"Black Pavilion"  provides a favorable living environment with minimal maintenance costs in the equatorial and subequatorial climate zones.
"Black Pavilion" can become the basis for creating stable communities of people, reducing emigration.


What are the proposal’s projected costs?

Estimated value of the building (100 meters high) as a construction is 15 million euros. The facade, as estimated value, is 18 million euros /as triple fasade/. The necessary financing for finishing works is 12 million euros. The construction of water, sewerage and lifts requires 15 million euros. Thus, the overall price of the building without furniture for the dwelling would have to be realized within 60 million euros.


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