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My invention; Power Source Circuits; and/or Microchip Electronics that generate electricity and enhanced power for devices' functionality.



[For now, the Tera Wattage sort of power generation of the power source/s will not be discussed. Not unlike gigawatts of power, terawatts truly do not have to be used. The usage of variable wattage from the unprecedented devices, The Braithwaite Particle Trap (The BPT), allow the fabrication of better more powerful electrical and electronic equipment.... I say that because a device can be fabricated having an independent constantly active, ON, power source]. Example; power batteries used to power all features included in automobiles. With the usage of a new type of circuitry called the Imaginary Battery, that can be achieved. The Imaginary Battery is simple, it consists of 2 batteries that conduct positive and negative electrical charges, gained from anywhere, that add up to as little as 2e-9 Volts—between 2e-300 Volts and 2e-9 Volts—. The batteries’ current then conducts through a device called an Input/Output Limiter and then through generator circuitry called a BPT (Braithwaite Particle Trap, named after myself, Sherman W. Braithwaite). The 2e-9 Volts are roughly a configuration of 2 x 1e-9 Volts batteries’ input. The time delay of such a configuration allowing the entire system to come ON, takes a few seconds or minutes depending on device configuration and input Voltage range that charged the device allowing ON-function of a completed device after device fabrication. The device completion has two parts; The BPT and Input/Output Limiter; And the Imaginary Battery. When the two or three pieces are merged, the power device is set to go ON. For available usable charges, between 2e-300 Volts and 2e-9 Volts, the ON time of the devices take “a few seconds or minutes depending on device configuration”. Device ON time can even take an hour. Once the device is ON, it never shuts off. The 2 input charges, rise to a very high Voltage that will from then on, power the merged devices (Imaginary Battery, Input/Output Limiter, and BPT).

Is this proposal for a practice or a project?


What actions do you propose?

I need grants to proceed with researching the technology, development and marketing. I do not plan to research if the technology will work. What I realize is that too much power generated by the devices allow a dangerous generation of wattage that would penetrate any form of matter and cause chaos. There is a name I have for the penetrating power. That name is Antimatter. I have decided precaution measures can be used to safely study the devices before and after fabrication.

There are 3 different ranges of wattage The BPT devices can generate; Very Low wattage; Medium Wattage; And Very High Wattage. What is necessary as power source usage, is "Medium Wattage" (0 to about 1 gigawatt). For other solutions in other areas of need; Medical Purposes, very low wattage is usable.

Once the devices are deemed safe for usage, they can simply replace battery packs, generators, and even huge power plants, used in many areas of the world. Innovations and more powerful types of devices can be manufactured during and after testing of such technologies, by taking advantage of many different BPT power source technologies fabricating processes.

I realize this sort of technology will ruin the sales of Gas, those products can be phased out of usage gradually to power automobiles, and phased into usage more for other products already containing natural resources that do not have carbon footprints.

Besides, deliberate sales of such equipment at high prices would be necessary, not only to keep the economy running at full capacity. These devices can’t simply be placed in the hands of anybody. In the wrong hands, these devices are dangerous.

Who will take these actions?

With a government grant and the usage of the grants to purchase research, developing, and manufacturing services, the goal of this product development can be achieved. I also offer licensing for those individuals and organizations wishing to pursue their own research on my project, into the development of this projects, and other related projects and product. I enter climatecolab contests.

Where will these actions be taken?

This project can be developed globally. I prefer a domestic approach at project development though. Products from the project development, can be sold globally.

In addition, specify the country or countries where these actions will be taken.

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Country 2

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Country 3

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Country 4

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Country 5

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What impact will these actions have on greenhouse gas emissions and/or adapting to climate change?

The BPT power source devices have no greenhouse gas emissions, and would in time, reduce or stagnate "greenhouse gas emissions” already in existence in Earth’s atmosphere and land masses; As the rise in usage of The BPT power source devices occurs, greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced naturally or be made to stagnate.

“Greenhouse gas emissions And/or adapting to climate change”; As the rise in usage of The BPT power source devices occurs, Greenhouse gas emissions and/or adapting—The BPT power source devices—to climate change will occur; As the rise in usage of The BPT power source devices occurs, greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced naturally or be made to stagnate. “And/or adapting to climate change”; This seem to be a very advanced subject, and it would seem fit to mention that globally, controlling climate changes seem to be an impossible task. Imagine though, that an ice age was to hit the Earth. This sort of power source would be the most impressive thing possible. Independent from any power generating grid, and it can be used to heat your home, in case of such emergencies; An ice age—I do not think homes would even exist anymore—there would however, be an emergency contingency for power generation, to provide heating.

Heating up and cooling down of the Earth. Other globally impossible tasks to solve. “This sort of power source would be the most impressive thing possible. Independent from any power generating grid, and it can be used to [cool] your home [—OK, with the usage of air conditioners, even though, they have limitations, it’s a start—], in case of such emergencies; [A heat wave] …there would however, be an emergency contingency for power generation, to provide [cooling].”.

What are other key benefits?

Describe other desirable outcomes of the actions you propose for the environment, economy, and society. In addition, as most countries--and many subnational entities, such as cities and businesses--have established climate goals, we encourage you to also include how this proposal can help fulfill on such goals. (For example, if the proposal is for a city, has the city declared climate change goals and how do these actions help fulfill them? If the proposal has national impact, how does the proposal help fulfill the country’s national climate goals?)

First of all:

The simple goal is to research and fabricate The BPT power source devices for usage in contingency plans for emergencies dealing with power source usages. That includes contingency plans against “Greenhouse gas emissions and/or adapting to climate change”.  


"[Greenhouse] gas emissions” is a thing, even though “adapting to climate change” is not at the moment, a thing. My whole purpose of The BPT power source devices, was not to solve "greenhouse gas emissions” in any part of the world, nor in any way. I simply heard people talking about "greenhouse gas emissions” and realized, since my 25-year-old and counting, project (Researching and developing The BPT power source devices) seemed fit to solve the "greenhouse gas emissions” problem, and else, I may as well get involved. Solving the "greenhouse gas emissions”, and else problems, were not my original goal in life. The solution is not my passion. I simply have a solution. One that can even be, to some degree—no pun intended— “adapting to climate change”.


What are the proposal’s projected costs?

I had tried manufacturers in the past and roughly the cost of making 1 to 3 prototypes of the power source would cost between $1,500 and $30,000. This price range is only based upon R&D of prototypes, after prototyping, it would be easier to manufacture BPT Devices. In the long run; Manufacturing costs can be lowered by buying PCB applications allowing cheaper PCB fabrications, that will cut prototyping prices in half. In manufacturing for the market; With the availability of EDA applications, and machinery that may be purchased allowing the assembly of parts on a PCB, manufacturing prices would be diminished even more. The idea of prototyping using contractor services is just how prototyping sometimes works, and is generally more expensive than manufacturing a product for the market. Either with your own equipment or with fabricating PCBs using your own PCB applications, manufacturing prices becomes cheaper. Besides, with PCB fabrication at your own disposal, you get to decide exactly how you desire your PCB should be configured for the purposes intended.

I imagine a fully functioning device, if all safety rules were followed, can be fully functional and usable for the purpose intended and otherwise--to power most electrical appliances--, available for usage in no more than about 12 months. The prototype can then be mass produced and sold gaining incredible profit in the process.


Within another 12 months after the BPT Device prototype is made, with a phase II grant, more than 100,000 of such BPT Device can be manufactured, marketed, and sold. At development of 100,000 products a year, within 5 years 500,000 products can be sold, or be available in the market to be purchased. With greater efforts, I am sure results may be better than that this model. The goal could be, that at least half of the population of Earth have at least 1 of such a device for usage in the home or an automobile within the next 20 years.

Available Power 24/7

Device ON Times

BPT Power Electronics can be configured to have ON-Times of variable output intervals. In simulations, device configurations, and other achievements, allow device ON-Time from as tiny as 20 seconds to as high as 300 seconds. That would mean that a real time power generator, can be ready to be used in less time it would take to charge some batteries already in usage. Even a 300 seconds ON-Time, would simply mean a 5-minute wait for the device to deliver power to appliances. The larger the ON-Time interval for the device, it would mean, a longer delay in attached appliance startup time. See Figure 1.

Standby Power

It is not usual to mention that a battery can be made to charge faster. The BPT Power Electronics and the Imaginary Battery combination, does charge up in power between 20 seconds, and 5 minutes. Those intervals can still be defined as Real-time power generation. Charging time has been proven with this technology; However, Real Battery charging time itself hasn’t been proven with this technology. The Imaginary Battery position, can be defined as a position in space, where energy activities such as charging and discharging occur. The Imaginary Battery position would be more like a junction than a Real Battery. What is known about the BPT Power Electronics and the Imaginary Battery combination, is that Standby Power can be achieved via storage battery attached to BPT Power Electronics, and power can await usage in case of power failure due to damaged BPT Power Electronics System. This sort of DC output system can also be used to maintain power output stability of a BPT Power Electronics System. Standard devices do not need direct Real-time power generation. Stored power is usable. See Figure 1.

About the author(s)

My name is Sherman W. Braithwaite. I studied Electrical Engineering; Electronic Engineering; and Liberal Arts and the Sciences in various Colleges. I was very close to receiving my Degree in Liberal Arts and the Sciences, after I left one college at the pursuit of studying Electrical Engineering, to pursuing a Degree in Liberal Arts and the Sciences. I quit the college with only a few credits remaining to gain my Liberal Arts and the Sciences Degree; Going to another College/Trade School to study Electronic Engineering, as I abruptly got interrupted from my studies, and transferred to another college to pursue a degree in Electronic Engineering. I spent about 2 years in my last college. I probably only gained about 15 Credits from the last College I attended. I have no recollection of how many credits I gained. After all that “abruptly” mess and moving on to the last College, I stayed out of the last College I attended, as I decided to stay with my regular job as a Maintainer, and I tried my best to be an inventor and researcher, using some prior knowledge of Electrical Engineering, Liberal Arts and the Sciences, Electronic Engineering, and personal theories and hypothesis of practical science. I can do much more if I had a workshop or Laboratory. Luckily though, the one theory that I have had since some time in the late 1990s—basically for the last 25 years and counting—actually allowed me to invent more than 8 inventions that can be researched and fabricated for useful purposes.

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