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Concentrate sunlight; while keeping it perpendicular to earth, when inside rotate and reflect off mirrors; use spotlight in absence of sun.



Lighting loads are the energy used to power electric lights; they make up nearly a third of the US commercial building energy used to light the interior of a building. That energy usage produces heat, which in turn puts a greater load on the Air Conditioning System. I propose to reduce that tremendous energy usage by lighting the building interior with one light beam. This can be accomplished by utilizing Patent number 8,710,414. 

The Novelty of this patent is: The Sun is nearly 93 million miles from Earth, making it the highest point-source light known to man. The sun rays are nearly parallel- varying only .25 of 1 degree. This invention will concentrate those nearly parallel rays and keep them perpendicular to earth to be channeled inside the building to be circulated and reflected off additional mirrors to the final destination. The light rays are rotated at a high rate of speed, and humans can't see the darkness between the flashes because of retention of sight. Like in motion pictures, the images are not moving, but rather are individual pictures, and people can't see the darkness between them.  

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