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Erich J. Knight

Apr 27, 2018


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World War II technology, gasification and pyrolysis only burn the hydrocarbons from the biomass while leaving the elemental carbon as charcoal. Just as a match Burns. This Elemental carbon when put into the soil becomes biochar.

So the vast majority of energy is released from biomass but little of the carbon which is sequestered for thousands of years. While at the same time growing soil microbiology exponentially.

Carbon to the soil, the only ubiquitous and beneficial place to put it.

Done at scale, the 200 billion tons in the atmosphere and then the 200 billion tons in the oceans are barely enough to rebuild what is truly the Arsenal of democracy. Those vast Dark soils, the mollisols of the Midwest. When first put to the plow they were 10% carbon, now the best are but 4%.

Carbon farming, regenerative farming basically grows the microbiology of soils exponentially.

Exponentially growing our way out of the global warming dilemma.





Jorge Cañada

Jul 6, 2018


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