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In order to reduce our global footprint, we need to reduce rapid sub-urbanization by increasing population density in cities.



A trend of increasing  sub-urbanization throughout the world has increased our carbon footprint as a globe, and this has become extremely problematic as our chances of fighting climate change is become increasingly uncertain. The basic premise of my proposal is to force local, regional, national and international agents to reduce the pocess of sub-urbanization by creating a set of policies, which socially, and financially incentivizes them to reduce sub-urbanization.A basic outline of this proposal is to reduce sub-urbanization by financially penalizing constrctuion companies, archeictural agents, and planning agents, who proceed with pojects related to sub-urbanization. These financial penaltiies will be utlizied to subsidize the construcution of massive, highrise buildlings or condominuims in order to reduce the cost of housing in cities. A major reason why, sub-urbanization is rpdily increasing thrughout the world is because the cost of housing, whether owning or renting is rapidly increasing. But the salaries or financial compensation of citizens of most developing or developed countiries are not increasing at pace.

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