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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

Judge 1
The project to close the loop of UOSW circulation is vital to allow cities to be more circular. The vision for the proposal is to use this composting project as a tool for the unemployed youth, giving it an interesting social aspect. We’re looking forward to see how your project will allow citizens to eat locally, develop skills, create business opportunities and have a better environment.

Judge 2
The proposal is well presented, detailed and documented. The team clearly presents the important issues related to organic waste management in developing countries. Converting urban solid wastes into compost and returning it to rural farms is making sens, although an analysis of the impact of transport and optimisation of composting sites location could be relevant before going further. Will there be support provided to teach the population to correctly sort their waste?

Judge 3
A lot of specific knowledge is integrated with the proposal. The question of quality soil is of great importance, particularly in the areas of intense urbanisation. Very important stakeholder are therefore city authorities. It would be of great value to establish collaboration with them and get their support for the further development and implementation of the project. In the introduced version it is not clear enough, how the project can get realised in practice - who can contribute on the expert side (assuring the acceptable quality of the soil) and who can help to assure the interest for the produced compost. Who can guarantee that soil does not contain any dangerous substances? The impact of this project can be significant and it is definitely worth continuously working on it.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' ratings


Judges'' comments

Judges' comments:

++ Addresses big issue developing countries: social, economic and ecological

Good idea, needs extra work before pilot implementation starts.

Co-funding model based on multi stakeholder model -/- Creating markets for compost products. Benchmark study first and research into effectiveness city organic waste into compost.

Is there market acceptance for USOW fertiliser and compost? What are the dangers of using urban solid organic wastes - heavy metal contamination, proper extraction and purification of nutrients from compost?

Scalability potential and business model feasible, but not sufficiently thought through in terms of digital tools/online availability to access and follow pilot results.

Stakeholders | Ministries engagement. More likely to happen through engaging with Ministry in collaboration with local entrepeneurs.

Also promotion and demonstration through ambassadors/ entrepeneurial approach (micro-credits etc.).

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