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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

The idea of making last mile transportation more efficient is an important one. Unfortunately it was impossible to judge the proposal as it lacked some substantial information.
There is surely potential for a flexible and fast last mile delivery system especially also as online shopping is rising. As the proposed system seems to be highly automated (a sketch would have been useful to provide an accurate idea of what is being proposed) it could offer the potential for 24/7 operations. However, neither legal issues (especially the right-of-way implications), economic costs nor environmental impacts of the required infrastrucutre are adequately addressed. Also, the proposed infrastructure seems to be rather inflexible since tracks are required and the small size of containers limits application cases (e.g. for parcel delivery). Combined with low frequencies of use, this might also lead to questionable economics and environmental impacts. In cities, there might also be issues with the installation. Having tubes above ground is hardly imaginable and otherwise necessary tunnels are both expensive and in their construction CO2 intensive. All these aspects have not been addressed by the proposal.
We encourage you to continue working on your idea and re-submit it under the next call with more details, possibly including a sketch, a quantification of climate impacts and outline of the business case.

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