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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

Judge 1:
Interesting idea for the highly significant problem of urban transportation. I think, the authors make the right choice to design a free-float, on-demand system. A few thoughts to consider: Infrastructure is an issue - as with almost every urban transport system. The cost of having and maintaining it will be high - and there needs to be redundancy for the system to be reliable (very important for passenger transportation! Think about this! Vehicles will fail!). Redundancies will further drive costs up. As such, I have my doubts that this system set up is actually feasible if existing public transport systems do exist. As such, it would be good to think about the competitiveness of this system. I also recommend thinking about what is possible on the road surfaces. Can we prohibit the use of other vehicles in the inner cities and instead simply have concepts like this (but driving on specific road lanes)? Can we use existing infrastructure - just to avoid years of construction in inner cities? In addition, please also consider that passengers are increasingly looking for door-to-door solutions nowadays. How does that work with a static network with stations like this one? ... I also suggest to describe the concept more from a system perspective, thereby shortening the proposal a little bit.

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