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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

The project has the potential to be extraordinary and if true, it could revolutionize the shipping industry. However, the information provided in the proposal regarding the technology is not sufficient to judge the veracity of the claims.

The Judges noted that a more comprehensive pitch of the idea is required, so that it is possible to judge what the concept actually is and how it works. Figures and more technical descriptions would be helpful, as well as additional detail about the business model and an estimation of impacts.

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David Horrigan

Nov 20, 2019


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I can certainly offer a more detailed description of the technology and the business model. I have numerous white papers and animations that better illustrate the technology's functionality and why I am getting these remarkable results. My understanding was that the contest was over a year or so ago. I have no idea if a response has any effect toward improving my chances in this contest.

 I have 12 prototypes that all deliver the 5 times performance improvement at a minimum. One of those prototypes drawing 200 watts performs like a 4-5hp outboard motor. If the person doing the evaluation is a fluid dynamicist they would understand that moving the fluid at the same speed over both sides of the blade at the same time eliminates the Bernoulli effect. This is accomplished by having all the surfaces be parallel. This includes the leading and trailing edges. This technique also eliminates the pre-Bernoulli effect wherein the low-pressure environment that would normally be created before a cavitation bubble occurs would not happen at all. This pre-Bernoulli or precavitational state prestresses the fluid (water) and exerts forces in all directions creating a massive prestressed boundary layer and discordant flow. My system delivers a small laminar discharge that is 100% directional toward the desired course. 

Traditional propellers are incredibly inefficient. They are designed to be efficient at only one speed and must tear the water apart creating 4000-degree temperatures as the gasses remix and explode. 

My system does not have any of those deficiencies and additionally is more efficient the faster it goes unlike traditional systems that are more efficient the slower the travel.

As to the business model, It has changed considerably since I originally submitted the proposal. Since much is proprietary it cannot be disclosed to the general public. Any potential strategic partners can get more information upon request.