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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

Judge 1:
This is a generally expensive proposal (as other elevated rail projects). While it may make economic sense in the proposed context, it may not in many other settings. How would people access the stations in a low-population density setting like the SF Bay Area, by car? Is the structure resistant to major earthquakes?

Judge 2:
Interesting idea to use this technology. I have a couple of concerns though: (1) How does the cost of this project compare to other systems (including e.g. an electric bus) - considering investment and operating costs? And how does it compare from an environmental perspective, considering its construction? (2) I understand that the proposed project is a single track system. Dioes that mean that all "cabs" only go into one direction? Which detours do occur because of this? (3) What about redundancy? Will you shut down the system if one "cab" has an issue? (4) I am still not entirely sure why this system is needed - what's the demand? I think, the project is still in an early stage. While being about an actual implementation, I feel that the motivation for building this system needs some clarification - and I am not convinced yet that this is the best system (from an environmental and economic perspective) for this application.

Judge 3:
This is a well written proposal, particularly because a number of potential barriers have been addressed. The only thing I would like to see added would be a quantitative estimate of its environmental benefit, give the reduction in road transport etc. that would result. Note that its important to be conservative when making this estimate, so as not to oversell the concept.

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