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Pia Jensen

Sep 13, 2017


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With the current controversial debate about nuclear waste, I'm interested in knowing how you would propose to manage nuclear waste produced by facilities to operate these conductive roads? And, what happens when nuclear plants are taken offline as they often are for maintenance or unscheduled events?

Also, there is a great debate about whether nuclear is actually a solution to climate change...

Nuclear Power is Not Green Energy

Taking the word of the IAEA about nuclear being clean energy is risky business. And all the nuclear proponents cite their data to support their claims. The IAEA is a nuclear proponent and can not be trusted to be impartial or unbiased.

Wind, solar, and wave energy could also power conductive roads.


Aadhithya Sujith

Sep 23, 2017


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Thanks @Pia Jensen for your valuable feedback. Yes, whether nuclear power is green or not is debatable topic which may be beyond the scope of our discussion here in comments.

According to me with improvements in nuclear power technology it could significantly reduce emissions by improving efficiency of nuclear power plants.Nuclear power is free of greenhouse gas emissions, and that’s true of the nuclear fission reactions themselves. However other stages of nuclear power cycle at which greenhouse gases are emitted: uranium mining, uranium milling, conversion of uranium ore to uranium hexafluoride, uranium enrichment, fuel fabrication, reactor construction, reactor decommissioning, fuel reprocessing, nuclear waste disposal, mine site rehabilitation, and transport throughout all stages. Despite all this if we take life-cycle assessment of nuclear power.

"Despite the long list of stages at which greenhouse gases are emitted, and based on what researchers have been able to take into account so far, the overall life-cycle emissions for nuclear power are likely to be lower than for fossil fuels."

The good thing is that the proposed technology could utilize electricity produced from other renewable sources that you have mentioned like Wind, Solar & wave energy so as far as cutting emissions in the transportation sector it has a lot of potential.

Thanks & regards