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Retrofit special air filters in diesel engine vehicles to inject pure Oxygen into them.



The FAA invented a Nanotube air filter to isolate nitrogen from air to fill up emptying fuel tanks in airliners, so that static electricity cannot ignite an explosion in the tanks. Install that Nanotube air filter in the airfoil over the cabs of diesel engine trailor trucks, to isolate pur Oxygen into the truck's diesel engines to make total combustion, maximum fuel efficiency, and less air pollution. You could also retrofit electric solar cells on the roof of the tailor to charge up a teslas coil to empower this Nanotube air well,

Is this proposal for a practice or a project?

Not sure

What actions do you propose?

Just light a fire under the transportation editors of the Department of Energy to make a working prototype, that's the best option at this point, since I send this idea all over the Internet already.

Who will take these actions?

General Motors or the Department of energy

Where will these actions be taken?

Not sure. Basic idea here people.

In addition, specify the country or countries where these actions will be taken.

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Country 2

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Country 3

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Country 4

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Country 5

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What impact will these actions have on greenhouse gas emissions and/or adapting to climate change?

If ALL of the diesel engine trucks diesel fuel is fully concumed by the addition of Oxygen, it would make a maximum fuel efficiency for the trucks and lower carbon monoxide and dioxide emissions in the long run, plus there would be not unburnt hydrocarbons emitted by the truck exhaust as well.

What are other key benefits?

Lower diesel fuel costs due to maximum fuel efficiency, saving the trucking industry a lot of money in the long run.


What are the proposal’s projected costs?

Not sure.


Ideally, it would take less than a month to make a working prototype, because the fAA already has working models of the Nanotube air filter that could be adapted for this purpose.

About the author(s)

I am a retired person in Toms River, New Jersey, who likes to send out technical recommendations on the Internet as a hobby.

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Talk to the FAA about the Naotube air filters, they are the experts of the that thing, I am just a retired person.