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Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

This is a great and innovative idea. Fashion and clothing must be more sustainable and targeting swimmers to help clean up our oceans and reuse and reduce plastic waste is a very honorable idea. However, this is a for profit company looking for venture capital to get their business off the ground. It is using a separate supplier for the materials and isn't contributing any innovative technology in and of itself. In addition, there are many other clothing companies having similar approach, therefore there are already many competition in this market. The manufacturing part addressed in this proposal is clear, but the business plan part is not too clear, such as consumer advocacy engagement. We like the idea and we think more businesses should be mission driven like this and we wish them success.

Excellent idea, can see its potential; they might not have changed much after semi-finalist round. The manufacturing part is clear, but the business plan part is not too clear, such as consumer advocacy engagement. They are in the stage looking for funding, might be a different stage than what climate colab is looking for. There are a handful company are doing this, not very innovative and highly competitive market

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' ratings


Judges'' comments

Marvelous idea! To make the proposal tighter, be sure to reference your claims (e.g., “267 species are affected by ocean waste, especially sea turtles” and “clothing industry accounts for approximately 3% of global CO2 emissions,” etc. Love the idea of “design-creation competitions.” Will you allow customers to vote for their favorite designs, or will your team decide which designs are produced? Have you connected with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition? They might be helpful and should certainly know about you. Also, do you know the wet suit startup that Patagonia acquired? It sounds compatible, perhaps: I love that your customers are automatically climate activists. Maybe you can make it possible for them to contribute a supplemental donation to the environmental organizations you identify for them. “Our customers are activists, since on every purchase, SwimAware will donate 2% of our revenues to environmental organizations protecting different species in the ocean.” Great that you are pursuing Cradle2cradle in terms of material usage and Fair Wear Foundation. How about B Corp certification, eventually? Love Imagine Cargo! This is another wonderful part of your story. Investors: I bet someone like Eileen Fisher or Jessica Alba might be interested in this. I wonder if you could create a partnership to donate a few swimsuits to people who live in the islands that were shattered by hurricanes in September 2017. This is a compelling and well-developed proposal. My favorite so far!

This doesn't seem to be principally a climate proposal, but I still think it should advance. The proposal integrates a lot of good insight on behavior shift and the entire package (closed loop, 2%, human-body-friendly) is very appealing while also presenting as well researched and thought through. The emissions gains would grow if and as the project scaled out (and moved beyond swimsuits). For me this proposal would be strengthened by more emphasis on climate education in its marketing/cultural intervention elements.

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