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Finalist Evaluation

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The F5 designation has the potential to raise public awareness about candidates and influence electoral outcomes.
Great idea, but don't think that it would be very effective given that it is entirely based on the honor system. Feel there is a lack of accountability in Washington and in nearly all political campaigns and unless there is a vetting system in place to ensure that candidates and their campaigns are fossil-free, there is no way to hold them accountable to this pledge. Would have liked for the authors to propose a way to vet and hold candidates accountable to the pledge for this to have more meaning and impact.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

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Judges'' comments

Wonderful idea and so very timely. You might partner up with like-minded organizations already on the ground, such as Indivisible and flippable. There’s a ton of attention on the 2018 elections, right now. Go for it! Glad you authors are lawyers! You’ll be able to easily identify compatible organizations, local and national. Suggest you look into big funders like Tom Steyer, EDF, other environmental voter orgs, etc. Perhaps you know others near you. Ask fellow judge Brian Sant about the Ceres policy team. If you do a little spadework and build smart strategic relationships, I predict this project will accelerate.

This is a good idea that could start to call attention to and stigmatize the penetration of policy by the interests of fossil fuel campaign donors. Framing the certification in a positive, aspirational, and normative way is much stronger than criticizing the acceptance of fossil fuel donations. Lots of room for development of specifics, but seems feasible on a state-wide basis.

Great idea, building off of divest campaign, but turning the pressure on elected officials. While it is not required to run for office, and is based on the honor system, which is problematic, with the right public pressure and NGO available to fact check and score candidates which do sign the declaration, this could be a great way to get climate change back on the debate stage and into our electoral cycle.

I think it is very cool idea although further development would be required for the actual implementation. Since I am not familiar with the political situation in the US, I am a bit concerned how they can ensure the adherence of F5 policy of elected politician after the campaign.

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Don Bayles

Nov 6, 2017


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We have added a clarification respecting super pac/dark funds to set forth the means we would use to reduce the likelihood of a dark money recipient holding himself or herself out as a F5 recipient. We reviewed the identified resources of the Ceres policy team and would be excited about the opportunity to partner with such a resource. With respect to established national groups, we would now be inclined to move from the transactional approaches of many to pursue more = transformational pathways. This would promote the achievement of our specific goals and, at the same time, improve democratic practices.

Other organizations and policy groups could certainly serve as resources in the development stage of the F5 campaign program. Their research and insights into accurate means of identifying fossil fuel funds could aid in establishing F5 eligibility requirements and guide candidates in conducting their due diligence. The F5 campaign program strives to be non-partisan, impartial and transparent. The goals of other NGOs may be laudable; however, any ongoing partnerships would need to be carefully vetted so that neither organization’s policies and goals are imputed to the other. Maintaining the simplicity and narrow focus of the F5 campaign program should encourage participation by candidates in all parties. Thank you for your feedback. -Don and Jennifer for Team AWD Flagstaff.