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Stevie Harison

Jul 14, 2017


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I agree with your idea.

Actually, I have two points to be considered:

- To be a global community, ECOS should make many collaboration with

local and national organizations/communities first so the impact would be bigger and deeper

rather than just an international network. Inviting local and national organizations to join

in the ECOS platform would be a great support to global climate literacy and awareness.

- Targeting specific country is important, even for the global-scale community/organization.

Without good example, we don't know how to evaluate the project effectively.

So, I encourage you to make  this idea more complete by mention specific country (ies)

in order to measure ECOS impacts credibly.


All the best for ECOS. 

Mark Mccaffrey

Aug 15, 2017


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Good ideas Stevie!  ECOS is indeed meant to be a "network of networks" that can serve as a supporting backbone for local and national orgs and communities.  

I appreciate your suggestion to target specific countries-- several of us live in Europe and are exploring options here in Central Europe-- but we also have contacts in Latin America and Africa....and India and China. 

I'm adding some more details about the Climate Action Hives, which ECOS will help develop and deploy, and we already have interest for these community-based learning centers in Europe (Slovenia and Serbia for starters), and we are exploring their potential for helping engage youth in refugee camps. 

One of the goals of ECOS is to help the local and global converge, and that may be best done at a community level of around ±100,000 people... or less. As an organization with both a local and global vision, we would like ECOS to help bridge the gap between the individual person and the planet.  We are all, afterall, separated by ten orders of magnitude and many fewer degrees of separation!


Alexander Hurley

Aug 25, 2017


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Just a couple of comments.

I really like the ECOS model and the HIVE buildings and look forward to learning more about them both. The proposal could be a bit more focused though, as it seems to switch back and forth between these two things instead of focusing on one. Is the main focus of your proposal ECOS community or the HIVE product? In the initial summary it seems like you are advocating for furthering the ECOS community, and then you switch to the HIVE product. I think you will have a stronger proposal if you are clear on this point. 

Also, you have two copies of the "Background and Logistics" section in the proposal. 

Mark Mccaffrey

Aug 26, 2017


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You are right-- ECOS was the original proposal-- an international network of networks to help support UNFCCC and related education, communication and outreach efforts. The HIVE was related but separate.  I added it in because I felt the focus of the HIVE could benefit in helping ECOS get traction but providing a tangible focus for informing and engaging communities.  My sense is ECOS is well intended but will probably never be funded-- there simply isn't the financial support for such a "network of networks", while the HIVE is a physical thing that might be fundable.

In either case, while I appreciate the opportunity here to share the vision, realistically I don't see a way forward with either now since there are too many distractions and those with funding don't have the attention span to recognize the merit of these and related efforts. 

Caroline Liu

Nov 26, 2017

Impact Assessment Fellow

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Thank you for submitting your contest proposal.

A Climate CoLab Impact Assessment Fellow has conducted an impact assessment of your proposal which you can find under the “IMPACT” tab. Please review the documentation and model parameters. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact Qingshi at zeratel.


Impact Assessment Fellows

Hicham Filali Zehri

Nov 27, 2017


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I am working alone on a project on creating à rural eco Library in Morocco. I need to know more though about that.