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Anastasia Kouki

Sep 9, 2017


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This project is too theoretical and wishfully thinking designed. Pretty much everything presented here is assumptions with no real concrete content and context and without a cost effective analysis. It lacks out a lot of particles, such as the impact analysis, the country's engagement. Is a good start but needs more efficient merit in its realization. For example, a good tool is to see the whole proposal as a business plan proposal that will have not only scopes and vision but really practical details. You can use the Canvass Method of the University of Meriland to built something in that way or other free access online tools. Keep up the good work your proposal has a lot of potentialities all it needs is more realization techniques. 

Enrique Posada

Sep 10, 2017


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Dear Anastasia Kouki

Thank you very much for your catalyst comments. I added material as suggested. Thta includes some economic planning.

I agree that my project has a lot to do with seemingly theoretical assumptions. However, having worked out the suggested techniques for many years and having written two books on this, I feel the possibilities are real. This is the reason for my project.

Enrique Posada