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Our Endeavors is an online platform documenting people's endeavors across the world in tackling climate change, and inspire others!



Climate change is a global issue. By that statement, it means that the climate change needs to be intervened collectively. The efforts towards climate change needs to involve as many people as possible. In this context to involve people in this endeavors, first we need them to be fully aware and inspired. Many studies suggested that the approach to communicate this climate issue needs to be personalized, so that they would feel the importance to take actions against climate change. They also highlighted the importance to focus on the positive side of what we could do for this issue, rather than just blame ourselves as the actor behind this problem. In this case, sharing stories of personal endeavors of to tackle climate change counts as an effective way to inspire others as many people across the world have been contributing to many meaningful efforts for this issue.

Therefore, “Our Endeavors” project aims to document people’s efforts to combat climate change by sharing stories and experiences of actions you had taken. By making this an online platform (in a form of website), the stories then will be able to be shared thoroughly across the world to encourage actions to tackle climate change. This approach could be regarded as a positive approach, focusing on showing people’s actions on climate change to inspire and empower others—those who care about this issue and have the willingness to start to take actions.

Is this proposal for a practice or a project?


What actions do you propose?

For the next five years, Our Endeavors will be documenting thousands of stories and experiences of individuals and collective actions that had been taken for climate change, in a blogging-style post. In the future, this platform will become a global network of 


Who will take these actions?

Everyone that has a story of taking actions related to climate change can contribute to Our Endeavors. Our outline platform enables people to share their experience on taking actions to combat climate change to inspire others to take actions, it would also become a positive guidance for those who sympathize about this issue and have no idea how to start taking actions for climate change. We would also partner with environmental organizations and stakeholders to participate in Our Endeavors by sharing stories of efforts they had taken.


Our Team :

This project is initiated by Lia S. Purnamasari an urban planning bachelor with various experience of urban-planning related project on grass roots level with primary concern about environmental quality. Lia in this project will be supported by Urban Rural Design and Conservation Laboratory, an urban planning and architecture laboratory within Universitas Sebelas Maret that has an experience conducting community participation projects on urban resilience and inclusivity.


Where will these actions be taken?

The focus for 2017-2018 for Our Endeavors development is to focus in Indonesia. We planned to reach more than 20 contributors per month. By the end of 2018, we are hoping to reach averagely 300 contributors. These stories will be projected to be shared and engaged more than 30.000 generic readers/viewers. On 2019-2020, the development is projected to expand into other Indonesia neighboring countries such as ASEAN nations, East Asian nations, and Australia. By the end of 2020, we are projected to have 1500 contributors and engaged 500.000 that will be inspired to take actions on climate change. After 2020, Our Endeavors' growth will be focus on worldwide engagement.

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What impact will these actions have on greenhouse gas emissions and/or adapting to climate change?

What are other key benefits?


What are the proposal’s projected costs?


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