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Stevie Harison

Jul 14, 2017


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Related to family planning program, it's better to target Asian countries on your proposal.

Indonesia, India, Pakistan, and Vietnam should be the main priorities,

not developed countries like Australia, Germany, etc.

I also believe that when population decreased carbon emissions would be decreased too.


All the best for the idea,

Alexander Hurley

Aug 15, 2017


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I very much like the engagement framework - linking climate-friendly action to monetary savings. I have felt the power of this argument when speaking with individuals in my own life. Most people do not feel the need or will not set aside the time to learn about the crisis of climate change, but they will certainly listen closely if you bring up the possibility of saving money. 

One criticism that I will offer is that some of the techniques that you offer in the proposal require capital up front, such as insulating a house or switching to solar. These capital requirements are limiting for many people around the world. Perhaps you could include some commentary on how this capital requirement might be hurdled? 

Anastasia Kouki

Oct 1, 2017


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Despite my hard effort to see in your proposal the real linkage between combating climate change and family planning I really can say that I did. We can't propose what people do in their lives?: how many children they give birth to or not?, that is for me beyond of what I can say or propose to a person, not a right of mine. Yes, I believe that people must be much much more educated about parenting but who I am to instruct them about that, like I have the ultimate knowledge like I am a little God or something. Plus, the use of term "dictatorships" is really problematic for me, how you define it? and how you use it troubles me. Perhaps, "Authoritative regimes" is better or perhaps nothing of that kind even more. Also, how you are expecting to cooperate with them, when you call them like that? Moreover, just with catchy slogans, like the one mentioned, you really do not save the problem. I do not really see any real educative path for your target group. Perhaps, what you are trying to say is correct and with merit, the way though I heard it is at least bothering. 

As for tools to improve your proposal, I can only propose tools quite common and used as PESTEL-DG and SWOT Analisis etc., but I sincerely  recommend you to use them with targeting not only the content of your goal but also the context of it (and part of that content is how we use the language). 

Good luck with your project!!!