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Philip Rosch

Dec 11, 2018


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The Green Economy seeks to correct systemic market and institutional weaknesses of the prevailing development model, and thereby make the economy a more effective tool for achieving sustainable development. A green economy consists of a number of sociopolitical approaches (for example, expenses, taxes, regulations, institutional reforms) and private sector activities that eliminate market and institutional failures. Which approaches and actions are most appropriate will depend on the specific countries depending on their current stage of economic development, natural resources, human and social capital, and other conditions. This topic is very actual for nowadays, I run an educational site for students and I want them to be interested in such projects, so I'm searching for an essay writer for hire, who will help me to promote this idea.
I think the Green Economy opens up real prospects in the direction of sustainable development.

Wassie Haile Woldeyohannes

Jan 13, 2019


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 Dear Philip Rosch,

Thank you very much for your comment and I agree fully with your points indicated within the comment. You said that your are searching an "Easy writer to hire" who will help you promote your idea. I am interested in writing an easy on the topic but I need further detailed clarification about the contents, page limits, formats of writing etc. of the easy you want to be written, please. Thus, if you think that I am suitable for this business we can communicate further and decide.

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Best Regards


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