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This is a really interesting idea, to be carried out in a region that could benefit. The costs seem reasonable and the project - as far as it is described - seems feasible. The proposal would benefit from a little more detail on exactly what they plan to do and when.

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Hatem Zitouni

Nov 5, 2017


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Action Plan:

- The creation a number of RPGAA  in the oasis while taking care not to duplicate existing ones. The contribution of the project is to complete the existing ones and multiply the plant material into seedlings and seeds and especially to make it available to farmers

- measuring the rationality of water resources

-training farmers in improved agronomic techniques and resilient practices based on agro-ecology

- implementation of drip irrigation experimental plots to convince farmers to abandon their p)ermissive irrigation practices

- rational management of the farmers existing seed banks and the organization of their long-established seed sharing practices.

- consolidation of farmers -led management practices of the oasis.

- the multiplication of farmers field schools as they are the best way to deal with pests and the pest management

- decentralize data related to climate and the use of such data locally-run.

- consolidate the role of women in seeds management and preservation.

- make farmers aware of the environmental services they are providing by their long-established good agricultural practices and help them understand how to capitalize on them.


Given our long experience with oasian farmers, we know that timing is not that important in the oasis as the farmer is occupied all year long. To be exact, he/she has only 10 to days a year(During February) when he has nothing to do. This is due to the varied agricultural and cattle breeding activities he caries out. Such context makes the question of time irrelevant  and not of pivotal importance.