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Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

The idea is innovative and there could be a large impact since methane is a potent greenhouse gas. We appreciate the experiments (first lab-scale, then possibly field-scale) to determine its technical feasibility. However, the proposal needs more project details and a more detailed budget. If the authors would like to submit again next year, we suggest they develop a project implementation timeline and budget for each part. It would be helpful to understand the costs of this project and the specific science behind it. If the authors resubmit next year, we also suggest the authors outline more how the practice could possibly be feasible, economically and practically in the field. It's challenging to imagine how the massive amount of resources needed to carry this out, even on a few hundred acres, could be economically viable, especially on larger acreages and with many rice farmers living in extreme poverty. Thank you for your submission.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

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Judges'' comments

This is an intriguing idea, of a farm-scale bioelectrochemical fuel cell to produce usable electrical current while reducing methane emissions. The proposal would be strengthened with more information on the technical details including diagrams of experimental setup at lab and farm scale.

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Roshan Regmi

Nov 1, 2017


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Authors would like to thank all reviewers for insightful comments. As per suggestion, we try to clarify technological aspects of our proposal. To do so, schematic diagram for mechanism of electricity generation and methane gas mitigation is depicted in summary section. Our lab-scale prototype is shown in mode of action section. We try to elaborate about this technology impact on methane mitigation and science behind it in impact on green house mitigation section.