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Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

The idea of using industrial waste products to create soil amendments to enhance sustainable agriculture and forestry in Brazil is a good one. There are a few concerns with this proposal, however, including how the CoLab funding would be used, details on what the project will do and when, and how to ensure robust financing mechanisms. Financing mechanisms could be particularly challenging for timber production given the long rotation period and thus delayed payback. Additionally, the math on the impact on GHG emissions is questionable. For example, unless furniture production and consumption will be increased as a result of this project, then counting the carbon value of timber used in furniture construction doesn't make sense, since it will be made with other wood if not wood from this project. One large question is how this would enable the mining or energy industries to continue to use current practices, and how the impact of agriculture pre and post project would differ.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' ratings


Judges'' comments

The proposal is interesting and based on a creative idea. We are pleased to advance this proposal to the next round with the following comments: The proposal needs more specifics, particularly in terms of where the project will be carried out. The proposal currently says " on farms" but that's too general. A specific plan that shows what the specific intervention are, where you would like to implement them, and what the cost would be, would further strengthen the proposal. Also more info on the logistics and economics of the proposed activities would be helpful.

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