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Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

This is a great concept, however, it would be a stronger proposal with details and information for the climate impacts of this project and the products which are going to be produced. The proposal seems it is more for economic development, and contributions to CO2 reduction appear to be minimal. Information related the longer-term feasibility and sustainability of the project would also be helpful. Some of the pending questions include: Who will buy the finished products? Are such products not currently available in the market? What are the obstacles that must be overcome-- why is this type of activity not being done currently? The proposal notes "Most garment factories can’t do this Jhuta business due to local influential mobs, murders etc." -- how will the project overcome this barrier? Thank you for submitting an interesting idea.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' ratings


Judges'' comments

Good proposal and opportunity to address significant waste issue and develop new opportunities for low income communities.

Although there have been similar efforts in many countries focused on various waste types, textiles, plastics, leaves, etc., these efforts have a good potential as this promotes source segregation that is highly appreciated to address downstream waste management and recycling.

A few recommendations for improvement: - Consider rephrasing title - may be confusing for some readers - Remove the background/context from the "Actions" section and focus on the specific activities that you will carry out and how those will help you achieve your goal - What outcome (not impact) do you hope for? New social businesses that make products from jhutta?

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Sadia Jafrin

Nov 1, 2017


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We have changed quite a lot of things as per your given feedback. We changed the title of our project from WAR –Waste a Source of Resource to just Waste a source of Resource - Learn to Empower. We made few changes in the Project summary we modified the pitch of our introduction and removed few lines out of it. In our ‘Actions’ section we deleted the background part and made it more focused on the actions and made sure all  activities are explained in details. In our ‘Key Activities’ we talked about our agenda and the workshops that will be carried out. We were given a feedback on our social impact to keep it specific and we changed it to quality dwelling only. We provided our entire schedule in our ‘Timeline’ and broke it down to timings of the activities. Initially we didn’t provide our budget outline but we have provided in the updated version.