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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Finalist Evaluation

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This is an interesting, imaginative, and well-researched proposal that addresses local problems. The proposal is small, feasible, and makes sense. The project would bring significant social and environmental benefits to Cameroon. Work towards ensuring adequate local demand for the products produced will make the project self-sustaining. While the idea is not new at a global level, this specific project is unique in its scope.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

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Judges'' comments

Good proposal and great to see a team of dedicated social innovators in Cameroon. Here are a few suggestions for improving this proposal: - Keep the "Activities" section tightly focused on what you will do w/ this award and how that advances your organizations mission. - Are there any ways that you can build in monitoring to ensure that you are meeting your goals and have data to support that? - What are pathways for youth beyond working w/ your organization and how do you help them reach those? - Be creative and think about products that aren't available or needs that are unmet in your communities and how your organization can fill those gaps. One idea is affordable sanitary pads manufactured from waste textiles. - Budget exceeds award amount.

Creative idea, but the judges would like more information on the economics of the fabric upcycling in the Cameroonian context- is there a market?

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Ngalim Franklin Njaiwo

Nov 6, 2017


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I am inspired with the Judges' feedback and below is a summary of some of the changes made to improve on the project.

1. I have kept the activities section tightly focused on what i will do with the award and to be more specific, i will use the award to purchase equipment that will be used to produce 10,000 eco-sanitary pads, 100,000 Blackboard dusters, 1000 Eco-pillows and Mattresses, 5000 Scarecrows and upcycle more than 12000 tires annually. The equipment, susch as the Suzuki Carry van and Textile Collection Booths shall also faciliate the collection of waste from the communities to the hub, as well as from the hub to the beneficiary communities. I also went further to address how the award will advance my organization's mission of connecting, inspiring and collaborating with young change-makers to build thriving, just and sustainable ways of life for all by providing a training a training opportunity for young people to become Waste Business Entrepreneurs who will make profits while helping people and the planet.

2. With respect to monitoring and data collection, a Waste Data Collection System that keeps track of all the waste we collect and it takes into consideration the number of people who are donating waste to us, the total number of waste items, the net weight of some of the items as well as the bulk weight of the items we receive from each individual. This keeps track of the total number of waste items we collect daily, weekly, monthly and yearly and gives us information about the total number of waste we collect, the persons who donated the waste as well as the weight of the waste.
At the waste upcycling end, we have a Waste Upcyling Data Analysis and Collection System that takes into account the amount and weight of waste material in an upcycled product as well as the number of products produced per kilograms of waste collected. This system also registers the number of beneficiaries of each product, as well as the number of upcycled products each beneficiary receives. It further registers the total number of upcyled products that beneficiaries resend to the hub for further upcycling.
The data collection systems give us accurate information about the total number of items we are upcycling and their net weight; and this serves as a tool for us to be able to calculate the quantity of greenhouse gases we are preventing from polluting the atmosphere. It is thanks to this data that we can say for sure how much quantity of greenhouse gases we have prevented from getting into the atmosphere, the amount of water pollution we have reduced, the amount of trees we have saved and the quantity of insecticides and pesticides we have reduced in the growing of materials needed for the production of new clothes.
The data collection systems also gives as accurate information about the total number of people in the region who are supporting upcycling and going green as well as the total number of beneficiaries our project is reaching out to. It is thanks to this data collection system that we can say that we have changed the lives of people and the planet.
Besides waste collection and upcyling data, we are also keeping track by registering the total number of young people we are training in the hub and in communities. This gives us the direct number of Waste Business Entrepreneurs (Wastepreneurs) we are training.

3. Our Waste Management Trainings provide an effective opportunity for young people to in schools and communities to learn about upcycling and become Wastepreneurs

4. We researched and realized that if we started producing reusable sanitary pads from textile waste, it will attract a lot of market for our products and change the lives of thousands of young girls.

5. We worked on our budget and then did a comparative cost analysis between upcycled products and imported products and from every indication; the prizes of our products are attracting a lot of clients. For instance, our upcycled pillows blackboard dusters and mushroom tire seats are currently attracting a lot of market. We have also identified our target markets for most of our products such as the blackboard dusters to be sold in schools, the reusable eco-sanitary pads to be sold to women and girls in rural communities etc. We believe we shall have a very strong market for our products.

Olawale Olaniyan

Dec 25, 2017


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Congrats that you made it this far!

Best wishes in the voting round.