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Resham Thapa

Sep 4, 2017


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I think the proposal would become more strong and convincing if you relate it in the context of Nepal. For example, you may be able to improve your introductory paragraph with few sentences on knowledge gap in developing countries, particularly Nepal. May be something like 'There has been few studies that evaluated the N2O mitigation potential of Nitrapyrin in developing countries (..citation..). These studies suggest that......(their major findings)...... However, we have not found a single study that evaluated the N2O mitigation potential of Nitrapyrin in Nepal. Therefore, our study .......(merits of being the first study)................

Also, In a recent meta-analysis, we found that the overall effect of Nitrapyrin was a 38% reduction in N2O and 7% increase in crop yields. For more details, please refer to full text: Thapa, R.,  A. Chatterjee,  R. Awale,  D.A. McGranahan, and A. Daigh. 2016. Effect of enhanced efficiency fertilizers on nitrous oxide emissions and crop yields: A meta-analysis.Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 80:1121–1134. doi:10.2136/sssaj2016.06.0179.

All the best !!

Dinesh Panday

Sep 6, 2017


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Dear Resham,

Thank you so much for your constructive comment. 

We will consider your suggestions and make necessary changes before the deadline. 

Sergio Pena

Sep 21, 2017


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Dear Dinesh,

excellent proposal. Well organized and clear. My contribution is the following. Do you have (and your team) permission by farmers in Nepal to carry the research and how many of them would be supporting such research? Do farmers understand the importance of this research? Sometimes in this kind of field research people tend to reject them due to (among other reasons) lack of understanding on the benefits for them of such research.



Dinesh Panday

Sep 21, 2017


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Dear Sergio,

Thank you so much for your appreciation.

Yes, for this research, we have taken farmer’s permission already and the farmer is willing to support our work. One of our team member is also working as Project Coordinator for Climate Smart Village program in the same locality.

Based on his (our team member’s) experience, he found that those farmers are highly supportive and they will let us to run our research. We can orient them in our objectives of the study. They may not understand all the theories of the research but they will know we are doing something for generating knowledge in agriculture.

Caroline Liu

Nov 25, 2017

Impact Assessment Fellow

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Thank you for submitting your contest proposal.

A Climate CoLab Impact Assessment Fellow who specializes in Land Use has conducted an impact assessment of your proposal which you can find under the “IMPACT” tab. Please review the documentation and model parameters. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact Ciniro Costa Junior at ciniro.junior.

Impact Assessment Fellows

Dinesh Panday

Dec 5, 2017


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Dear Caroline, 

Thank you for your message. 

The impact assessment of our proposal looks good.