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Pia Jensen

Sep 3, 2017


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Great idea! Takes me back to this proposal from 2013 Nicaragua: Carbon Sink, Economic Driver & Medicinal Plant Preservation (might be some data & practices you can use from that)  and you may want to incorporate swales & berms ... 

Ridwan D. Rusli

Sep 4, 2017


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Good idea. Question is economic  incentives and costs. Private sector only incentivized if they get govt support or can plant productive trees/agricultural produce. Governments have limited budgets for both subsidies or tax breaks. Some combination is required, thus some of the other contestants' ideas of farming in hitherto unused (esp. urban) private and public acreage.

Sergio Pena

Sep 19, 2017


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a good idea. But do you know the specific requirements for such endavour. In one part of your proposal you have included the idea of applyimg this ideas around the world and in a different part you state as the country the United States. Kindly define the country or countries to develop such and idea. Of course, such definition will give you the idea of the kind of difficulties this idea might face.