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Exploring Synergistic Solutions for Sustainable Development 2018

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Mar 9, 2018 06:00 EST
What combinations of Climate CoLab proposals could help achieve multiple Sustainable Development Goals?

In 2015, world leaders adopted a set of seventeen goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all, called the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). While this broad range of goals is comprehensive, it poses severe challenges for decision-makers. For example, studies have shown that, while protecting the world’s forests can keep carbon out of the atmosphere (contributing to the goal on climate action), it may also reduce land availability for food (hampering the goal on eliminating hunger).

To meet this challenge, UN Environment is seeking creative combinations of actions that can achieve climate change goals and other Sustainable Development Goals, in ways that minimize trade-offs and maximize synergies. Participants can select and combine actions from the over 2,000 preexisting proposals on the Climate CoLab platform.

Contest winners will be invited to showcase their work at UN Environment’s conference in Kenya (expenses-paid), meet with the UN Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Environment, and have their proposal included in the Global Environment Outlook, which is UN Environment’s flagship report on the state of the environment and is distributed to decision-makers around the globe.

70 Proposals
Catching the Flood waters and reuse as a valuable resource for hydroelectric energy generation and other sustainable use.
Aligning a nexus between the elements of the Earth and the needs of human being to ensure sustainable living.
Integrated low-cost solutions to achieve the SDGs while reducing the impact caused by floods in rural communities of the Amazon basin
33 cents from an averaging 1 billion peoble per day, yields 120.45 billion euros/dollars per year
Creating micro-climates for schools at a cheaper rate with the help of electricity produced from their own playgrounds without GHG emissions
Kenya is made up of 47 devolved County Governments and 1 national government that need to coordinate and work together to attain the SDGs.
Combine modern and traditional techniques to raise the sea water to the desert and steam it, for free energy, fresh water and salt
Solar Energy Technology for Waste Water Treatment, Electricity Generation, and Indoor Hydroponic Farming
Any education can help people be sustainable. What if this education is based on Green system of life ?
Mini hydropower, Natural Disaster, self-activated early warning gauges andsafety and survival rate of poorly prepared communities..
Practical steps for the development of environmental technologyby increasing green patches in third world countries
The SDGs provide an opportunity to break free from the one sided goal of economic growth, while unleashing the power of example!
Involving private sectors in weather and climate information service delivery task accelerate its dissemination and uptake by users.
Rapid growth in electronic devices and appliances today posses a question to how much of it is disposed rightfully with no e-waste plant?
Farmers will receive advice on agricultural technologies and climate information services in their own languages by calling to call centers
Sam Carana's Climate Plan complemented by responsible handling of inorganic waste, focusing on local feebates
A blueprint for large scale cities sustained by renewable resources providing a high quality of life without depleting the planet
The rocket stove design is arguably the most environmentally sound. Insulating ceramic rocket stoves can be mass produced almost anywhere.
Smartphone app, internet of things, opendata can be used to deliver personal climate service, security & environmental monitoring worldwide
Innovative development pathway to optimize the multidimensional wellbeing of human and nature is critical need of present world
Generating entrepreneurial ecosystem that facilitates the transformation of ideas into enterprises in the rural areas & the forest landscape
Guiding the farmers to change their crop type according to the climate, temperature, soil, and rainfall; so that maximum output is gained.
The Earth is going extinct from pollution so all militaries should unite and destroy the corrupt companies whose pollution is killing us.
I believe that we can cool down the Earth by watering Sahara desert. We would grow plants which produce oxygen and thus decrease CO2 numbers
Our plan is to build large-scale greenhouses for countries who would benefit from having a greenhouse.
Using free markets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, taxing CO2 and methane gases emission. Then divide said fee evenly to everyone.
A new type of fiber solar cells using the effect of total internal reflection.
The destruction of blue-green algae by microwave radiation on the surface of water bodies.
Meeting any of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their 169 target requires financing. PPPs offers good option for financing