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Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

We need to create visions of better worlds, but there needs to be more explanation of how this will be accomplished in a way that speaks to people.

Communication about the SDGs is indeed necessary and important. The mainstream media across the world does not accord the SDGs sufficient attention. The proposal offers important ideas and they will need to be further researched and developed to become feasible and impactful. It will be important to carry out a market analysis in Kenya, for example, and assess the demand for a radio or TV station. An assessment of the possibility of existing media channels to feature SDG programs could also be carried out and a proposal developed to suggest that they integrate more such programming.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' ratings


Judges'' comments

Ambitious and appealing and on the right track of mobilising citizenry around the future they want. it is not clear how it would collate the synergies of the three CColab proposals listed, but the majority of the proposal is well thought out and is very necessary

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Israel Finney

Feb 2, 2018


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Thank you for your kind and heart-warming comments. In deed, it is through communication awareness on the SDGs that the  citizenry will be mobilized around the future they want. I have taken into your comments account and summarized my revisions as follows;

 I have done away with one of the proposals i had earlier attached, i.e 'Leveraging Telecommunication for decoupling SDGs using a whole systems approach". This is due to the fact that i found it hard relating it with my core-proposal. This is because i would be introducing a new aspect i.e 'telecommunication', which neither matches nor features in my key argument.

That not withstanding, i have introduced two more CoLab proposals that better relate with my proposal. These proposals are "Climate Communication" and "Flood Preparedness, communication and adaption at the neighborhood". These two proposals are basically communication-oriented, and i have tried to bring out their relationship with my key proposal "Media Houses and Institutions for Communication Awareness on the 17 SDGs".

As if that is not enough, i have also taken into account your comment and ensured i have elaborated on how the synergies of all the four proposals i have attached collate with my proposal. These explanations are to be found in the last four paragraphs of the actions that i proposed.

I have also added a team member, Ian Mokaya, who has played part in helping me out during my revision. 

Thank you.