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Amit Patel

Jan 7, 2018


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Please use the remaining time before the submission deadline of January 7th, 2018 to further flesh out this proposal, including: impacts/benefits; costs/challenges.

Amina Azad

Jan 8, 2018


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We were not able to edit this proposal since we didn't find the edit option.But below we have listed the things we want to add:


  • Recently China has imposed a banned on imports of 24 types of rubbish, as a part of a campaign against “foreign garbage” and environmental pollution. China was Bangladesh’s biggest exporter of waste. Due to this policy Bangladesh will face a huge challenge to allocate this waste creating a direct impact on environment and climate. That’s why it is very necessary to create resources out of these waste and our project WAR fulfills this criteria.


  • The first and foremost challenge is allocating funding for the project. Although the budget is not so significant but it is a severe challenge for us.
  • Dealing with the mobsters since they play a huge negative role with the garments industries and especially with textile cutting waste since most of the cutting waste is smuggled by them.