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Sidney Clouston

Dec 26, 2017


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At the Regional Sustainable Energy Center of Excellence (RSECE)  URL - we have submitted a proposal for a similar development for agriculture.  The population growth is causing concern that by the year 2050 a 50% increase in food will be needed.  Presently the population is just over seven billion people and by 2050 it is projected to exceed well over 9 billion people.  Higher yields on small and large farms means that the need for improvement by all factors is necessary.  Working to enhance the Extension Agent to better service the many small farmers will be ideal.

Souhir Hammami

Jan 6, 2018


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Dear Woldehaile,

Tomorrow 07/01/2018 is the last day for proposal creation; I encourage you to complete the remaining parts  Impact/Benefits, Costs/Challenges, and the references parts

Best of Luck