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Bob Rich

Dec 18, 2017


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Sounds like a great concept, with many advantages. My one worry is if there is a fire. Plastic is far more inflammable than wood, can cause liquid burning drops or flows, and may release chlorine or other toxic chemicals.

Amit Patel

Dec 30, 2017


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Needs text reference to toxic leaching.  Please use the remaining time before the submission deadline of January 7th, 2018 to further flesh out this proposal, including: action item components; impacts/benefits; costs/challenges; proposal’s projected costs; and climate variability implications.  

Karen Magoon

Feb 27, 2018


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Much needed proposal.  I hope you can remedy the flammability issue.  My major concern is with plastics in the ocean that continue to decompose into smaller and smaller plastics which get into all marine life.  Please tell me how your project will access the massive amount of ocean plastics and transform it as you plan into building blocks or any kind of usable materials.  That to me is the most important remedy we can seek to halt the polluting of our ocean and its sea life.

Ghaamid Hatibu

Feb 28, 2018


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Hongera EcoAct Tanzania kwa kuingia kwenye finalist stage. Umeshapata kura yangu!. Itabidi tupange mkakati wa wa Tz kukupgia kura!