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Laser with a spherical working body for thermonuclear fusion.



Laser with a spherical working body for thermonuclear fusion.

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The formula is the idea of ??the original pumping of the working medium of the ring oscillator of the quantum electromagnetic radiation and then maintaining the laser power of the electromagnetic energy of nuclear fusion within the working sphere.(Construction of a laser on an optical fiber based on the principle of optical-fiber lasers).
The quantum generator disconnected by two ring segments laser operating body (type of maser with spherical working body). Scientists physicists have long used a laser pulse for fusion. Perhaps it would be better to close the pumping motion of photons in the laser working body ring, with two areas of fusion in the field working gap maser ring body with an effect of total internal reflection within the working body. Display external electromagnetic pumping the quantum generator required for fusion power, enter into a zone of the gap between the segments of the working body of the laser material for nuclear fusion, plasma fusion reaction falling when moving into the sphere performs pumping the maser and maximize the power of the laser radiation for further work.
Constructing the scope of the ring segments laser working media may turn out to implement a process of controlled thermonuclear fusion reaction without the use of high-power magnetic fields and reduce electricity costs to run and maintain thermonuclear fusion.
Also, when using this scheme may turn out to increase the efficiency of all lasers, which emit an electromagnetic beam partially lose energy dissipation from the target to the surroundings. The project of the technology of tuning the compiled laser beam of the long range of the target of the military target . At the core of the technology, a laser operating in the x-ray range is used, with thermonuclear pumping of a spherical working body of a quantum generator, followed by compilation of beams. 


X-ray radiation used to pump the body of the laser at the moment, is a problem due to high permeability through any object. We can bypass this feature of X-ray radiation (high penetrating power) using the technology of total internal reflection in the optical fiber. Existing technologies with mirrors in the working body of the laser can not do this.Mirrors are permeable to X-rays.It can be an unlimited source of thermonuclear energy, a new type of engine, a powerful laser weapon with a compilable X-ray beam.



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