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Eco-Friendly Micro Off-grid Solar system. Simple and Reliable rural electrification system including Smart BMS & Hybrid Inverter.



There is current global need for clean & renewable
energy source. As we know the solar energy is highly
efficient & more feasible alternative source for rural
electrification. But still the common question is; what
about night time…?! The eco-friendly MOGS
systems itself suggest solution, its combination of
standalone solar power plant with battery back.
In simple words it’s an electricity network which can
intelligently integrate whole system work with cost
effective SPV system infrastructure, battery
management system and hybrid inverter with prepaid
energy meter for individual homes.

Is this proposal for a practice or a project?


What actions do you propose?

Let us discuss about MOGS solution. Its simple SPV off grid system with few smart technology; to increase energy efficiency, reduce T&D Losses,increase reliability of power supply with highest level of safety precautions. The simple SLD is as followed.

 PV Array - Combiner Cabinet -  smart Battery management controller (BMS) - Hybrid Inverter - Prepaid energy meter - Load distribution.

Here we are Using Prepaid Energy meter which have credit and debit base input supply for consumer. with attractive Incentives as per consumptions if they used energy efficient appliances, it's not only help us to reduce peak load demand but also help us to saving energy as well as Technoeconomical Losses.

Who will take these actions?

Firs NGOs and Individual Organization play Importent role to implement this ideas because it's proposed for those area where no electricity is available.

The main role is Site survey and providing demand based viable solutions.

Where will these actions be taken?

The action is Suitable for Individual Village of 100 - 5000 peoples in those area where no Electricity available.

In addition, specify the country or countries where these actions will be taken.


Country 2


Country 3

No country selected

Country 4

No country selected

Country 5

No country selected


What impact will these actions have on greenhouse gas emissions and/or adapting to climate change?

What are other key benefits?

  • Reduce the dependency on grid
  • Long term reliable power supply.
  • Prepaid meter – pay as you consumed,possibility of energy conservation and no theft.
  • Simple infrastructure and Reduce T&D and conversion losses as power is consumed at the point of generation
  • Availability of online data & Low maintenance cost


What are the proposal’s projected costs?

The cost depends upon the No of Village, Home & Peoples.

Approximately for basic requirement like 3 LED Bulb - 8W,1 Energy efficient Fan - 30W & 1 Pumps - 1Hp. for 50 individual Home. Approx Cost 5,00,000 INR.  


As it's Solar off grid system, the impact is Short time. 

About the author(s)

Am Urval Chotalia, Completed my Graduation in Electrical energy ( Renewable Energy). Now am proprietor of Soururja solution - (Solar EPC Company) And Founder of soururja portal Online web portal.

i am from Mumbai,India.  

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