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Wilcley Lima

Jul 12, 2017


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Sounds like an interesting idea. Can you provide more details about this "DEEP" drilling technology? How does it compare to conventional drilling methods? What are its limitations? What analyses have already been done in preparation for this pilot project?

Betsy Agar

Aug 26, 2017


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Adding to Mr LIma's comments, could you provide some details about the anticipated electricity-production, necessary grid development, and comparative construction/maintenance/operation costs? In a place like Australia where solar is so clearly abundant and easily accessed, distributed solar generation makes imminent sense, what is the argument for converting geothermal heat into electricity at a central plant that then needs to be transmitted and distributed?

Michal Monit

Sep 6, 2017


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Hi David!

There is one more project in this year's contest dealing with deep geothermal. I posted some comments and links there, which might be really relevant here. 

What I can add here is that you might be underestimating two factors in your proposal. First is the cost. A typical well costs around $5M, so a pilot, deep well is likely to cost more than that. The second piece is about the "zero emission plant". If you drill deep, it's likely that you'll get more salty brines and more non-condensable gases rather than pure steam. 

After spending a year on Iceland, I'm a big fan of geothermal. A cool project you're working on!