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A system of a pumped storage power plant that can be used underground with seawater for power generation and storage.



The proposed solution is based essentially on the idea of a power plant that works on the principle of a pumped storage power plant. Theoretically, with this principle, any amount of electricity can be generated. The main drawbacks with this principle is that the amount of water needed to generate electricity is often limited or too low to work in continous operation and the necessary precondition for the height difference must be present. For my solution, I was looking for real constructions and structures to find a way to exclude these disadvantages. I found for my proposal in the construction of the Moscow Metro a solution that meets the necessary condition. The entrance of the subway and the passage to the escalators would then be the inlet where the water can flow into the system. The diagonals tubes where the escalators are located could then be used as penstocks to build up the required water pressure for the turbine. The underground subway station can be used as a machine cavern and the tunnel tubes where the trains normally travel could absorb the accumulated water. The function of the ventilation ducts could be used to pump the water out of the system with the help of a secondary energy source (for example wind power). For the problem with the required amount of water, the sea can be used as an unlimited source of water.                                                                                    With these two basic requirements, it would be possible to build a hydropower system directly below the coast at a depth of 20 to 75 meters, in the immediate vicinity of many potential consumers of electricity.This can be used as needed for storage or directly for power generation. It would certainly be possible to build this system wherever you could build a subway.

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