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We need to use LENR, (low energy nuclear reaction ) systems to provide harmless emission free industrial heat for manufacturing and power.



In early 2019 the Leonardo Corporation began selling 100% environmentally friendly, industrial heat from the E-Cat SK, invented by Dr. Andrea Rossi.

This new form of safe nuclear power emits no harmful radiation or waste bi-products of any kind and has a higher energy density than any other energy source.

Summary of Andrea Rossi's E cat The Mother Of All Black Swan Events

LENR systems have showed they are very safe, as there have been only a few major incidents so far and scientists have been testing the limits for quit some time with far less incidents than natural gas systems which happen every hour.

The E-Cat SK only uses small amounts of nickel, two types of lithium and a tiny amount of hydrogen in a patented pill form.

If the LENR system gets to hot, the nickel melts and the process stops safely.

There is enough nickel, hydrogen and lithium on earth some scientists say to provide industrial heat for over a billion years, time will tell.

ECAT Home unit ranging from 5-10kW. (TBD, certifications pending) Source: 

Industrial heat by LENR is also right now 25% cheaper than any other source.

A very conservative website that tracks the progress of LENR systems is

Leonardo Corp is not alone in the LENR scene, Companies and Organizations Researching in LENR :

The future potential of LENR, includes industrial heat now available for purchase for factories and power plants, and in the near future to provide heat for buildings, homes and later on powering all forms of transportation on land, sea, air and according to NASA deep space travel may be possible.

Where solar and wind power are not productive 24/7, LENR is and only needs to be fuelled every six months to one year.

LENR is real and available today


Is this proposal for a practice or a project?


What actions do you propose?

It's time to take LENR out of the closet and let the World know that industrial heat from LENR systems is now available and affordable.

LENR systems have the potential for 8,000,000 times the energy density of fossil fuels and The E-Cat SK is 100,000 times oil, e-Cat power density 100 kW/Kg, fuel reserves 10 billion years and a fuel cost of 1\1000 times oil

Source : 

LENR systems will save business money, 20% today and carbon neutral.

Since 1989 Cold fusion / LENR scientists have spent their own money on research, It's time for major investment in LENR research and mass production.

Safety certifications have to approved for home systems fast as there have been less than 10 serious incidents that I know of, since 1989, if that, and natural gas explosions for just one year in the USA have taken a countless lives, I believe over 5000 accidents in one year, I may be wrong on this, as it was awhile ago I reached this.

Imagine every home, apartment building, all forms of transportation powered or heated by a LENR system?

Every installed LENR system will need the boiler chamber to be inspected ever six months to a year by a well paid and qualified service tech, possible a boiler maker and a new recharge cartridge will need to be installed!

This I believe will make LENR the largest employer in every city, town and country.

There is potential for a LENR system installed in a vehicle to travel large distances.


Condensed Matter Hydrogen Fuel Cellsimage

Our concept of Condensed Matter Hydrogen Fuel Cells is an advanced version of our LENR generators enabling the electric power generator to become mobile and work as an on-board power generator.

Our technology will allow powering an electric car like the Tesla Model S for over 30'000 km per charge of hydrogen-nickel fuel.

Source ;

The Application of LENR to Synergistic Mission Capabilities

Source ;

LENR is real, and commercially available, it's time for an economy powered by LENR


Who will take these actions?

Any company that uses industrial heat can right now purchase industrial heat from Leonardo corporation and Leonardo Corp will maintain the system remotely.

Our governments need to speed up certifications for home use or provide a valid reason why not.

We need our governments to invest the same amount as they do for hot fusion research projects which are no where close to the progress of LENR systems and they may never catch up.

It's time for the media to let the World know we have a new safe form of nuclear power that does not require harmful fuels and does not have issues with radioactive bi-products.

LENR has the potential to provide power for the entire world, with an almost unlimited amount of fuel.

Industrial heat from LENR is available today, lets take advantage of it.

Thank You for your time in reading this proposal

Take Care


Where will these actions be taken?

Worldwide in every application that requires industrial heat, from industrial heat for manufacturing currently available today and in the future all forms of transportation

In addition, specify the country or countries where these actions will be taken.

United States

Country 2


Country 3


Country 4

United Kingdom

Country 5



What impact will these actions have on greenhouse gas emissions and/or adapting to climate change?

The elimination of Co2 from all industrial heat applications, worldwide already in progress for three countries.

The future elimination of all Co2 from all forms of transportation on land, sea, air and potentially even deep space.

I think that your imagination should take over any other benefits to the climate and our world economies. 

LENR has the potential to be the holly grail of clean energy technologies.

What are other key benefits?

Drastic reduction in Co2 emissions Worldwide and the potential for LENR to become the Worlds largest employer and we need good high paying jobs all over the World.

A much safer and cleaner form of energy than what we use today.

The ability to meet emission reduction targets and save money while creating countless jobs all over the world.

In the future the freedom to travel the country with very little money, giving us the opportunity to spend money in stores and support local businesses. 

A reduction in emission related diseases like asthma and autism and COP.

The best for last clean air


What are the proposal’s projected costs?

In fact, LENR systems will save business money 25% on industrial heat today, and that will come down as the fuel is very cheap and the construction of LENR systems is also very cheap and easy,

Challenges mostly are lack of government investment and very slow approval of safety certifications for home use.

I can not think of any negative side effects of any kind, except a major drop in the demand for all forms of fossil fuels, which only affects the profits of big oil companies and which some oil companies are investing in LENR research.

Public awareness of LENR potential is a challenge as our media is controlled by big oil, at least here in Canada.


Because current LENR systems like the E-cat SK are modular 22 kW systems they can be combined to provide the heat for turning the turbines in power plants today.

By using LENR systems for the industrial heat for manufacturing and powering power plants Co2 emissions could be drastically reduced very fast, all that is needed is governments to act fast.

The first fifteen years there will be a drastic reduction in Co2 emissions from industrial heat for manufacturing and powering electrical plants and the fifteen to 50 years time frame systems for your home may be finally approved if not sooner and fifty to one hundred years from now there is potential for all forms of transportation to be powered by LENR, but I think it will be sooner as our climate impacts far out way the risks today and it will only get worse.

About the author(s)

My name is Neil Lizotte and I have been promoting potential clean energy technologies since 2006, on my website Eco Inventions and I am currently tracking the progress of a few hundred clean energy technologies with Google alerts.

I live in the heart of big oil country, just a few hours away from the oilsands in Alberta Canada and I worked the oil rigs for nine years and most of my family worked the oil patch, my father for over forty years.

Although I am very poor temporarily because of life long injuries obtained on the oil rigs, I pay for my websites myself and will not accept any government funding, for promoting clean energy.

I also own the websites Tutor Me For Free, several domains, which will eventually have several thousand educational videos from k12 and beyond, that will be 100% free to download and share Worldwide, but you will not be allowed to make any money from the videos.

I may add a few LENR experts to this proposal, if they think I missed anything.






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References can be found on these websites :

History of Dr andrea Rossi

Summary of Andrea Rossi's E cat The Mother Of All Black Swan Events

Source ;

I will add more later