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Koenraad Dom

Mar 2, 2014


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My wholehearted support for the thoughts expressed in this proposal for contest! Fix the system that drives society (the 'economic system') to count climate impacts as 'incentive' or 'success', rather then trying to counter climate change with approaches that provide incentives that are accepted in the current system ('technological advantages' and 'return').

Mark Reiners

Apr 15, 2014


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I was planning to submit virtually an identical proposal when I noticed that Pierre had beaten me to the punch. As most serious Climate CoLab participants probably realize, there is an explosion of extremely valuable and important work being done in many other domains, but as long as this systemically deeply fundamental and insidious underlying driver remains unaltered, the odds of long term success are highly problematic. Quite simply, there is a clear long term incompatibility between finite local and global ecological carrying capacities and an economic/financial system predicated on having creation of the very medium-of-exchange necessary for economic transactions tied to an interest-bearing debt-creation cycle which necessarily entails infinite growth. The social, political and national and international governance implications of resolving this are also very profound with respect to numerous other domains having important feedback effects. One example would be the opportunity to FINALLY get serious about deeply fundamental poverty eradication by recognizing that persons may earn income not merely through labor, but by being owners of productive capital assets, and universalizing citizen access to and ownership of such assets (see the important work of Professor Robert Ashford of Syracuse University.)

William Knauss

Jul 19, 2014


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I am including my voice of support for this very concisely stated proposal. This is what I was trying to get at under my proposal under Buildings by proposing that "An alternative to bank mortgages can make energy efficient homes affordable." More broadly stated, it is absolutely necessary that we start the interest free monetizing of successful efforts to address climate change, as opposed to our current ponzi scheme of monetizing interest bearing debt, before we can even start addressing climate change in a meaningful way. At the very least it is going to be very interest to see these two currencies competing in the market place.

Hemant Wagh

Dec 8, 2014


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Could we begin with Scattering the fruit-seeds ! A proposal incorporating this is outlined and link is below.. Thanks for a nice proposal...