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Kate O.

Jul 3, 2015


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The humanitarian issues raised by climate change cannot be ignored. For a provocative example of the kinds of ideas and complexities involved, see this recent op-ed by the Director of the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia Law School: "America is the worst polluter in the history of the world. We should let climate change refugees resettle here." (URL: More broadly speaking, MIT Climate CoLab should seek political & policy creativity that operates on the international plane -- but not comprehensively across all sectors. Professor Gerrard's proposal, to continue using the example, would not meet the criteria for the global or regional contests despite its regional if not worldwide impact.

Johnnie Buttram

Jul 3, 2015


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Dear Kathoh, Thank you for your heartfelt comment! I am hopeful a collective Climate Co Lab 'Humanitarian Pathways' format may help provide Col Lab members a platform to better address the complexities and overlapping issues concerning our climate change dilemma. Kathoh, thank you for your time and especially your compassionate concern for mankind! Johnnie Buttram