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Laur Hesse Fisher

Jan 9, 2015


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Hi Mario, Thank you for your proposal and for shedding light on what is a very unfortunate practice. Your proposed question, "When removing an animal is there any direct impact on the global climate?" is a very interesting one and one that deserves further investigation. On the Climate CoLab, we typically run contests that seek actions that could be taken to address known climate change challenges. Once there is more data on the climate impact of illegal animal trading, I would invite you to submit a contest suggestion that outlines the problem in detail and that requests proposals on how to address this issue. In the meantime, I welcome other Climate CoLab members to comment here and support you with answering this question. You may also want to post it in the Climate CoLab discussion page: I hope that's helpful, and I wish you the best in your research. ~~ Laur Climate CoLab Project Manager