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John Ranford

Sep 29, 2014


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I agree with the need here. There is a plethora of different labels or kitemarks, destroying the effect they might have iif they were under a unified brand. We have the UN Global Compact or Global Reporting Initiative, both of which could validate an all encompassing brand. The problem is one of elevating one of these to a position where the brand/ kitemark gives the company a competitive advantage. But no ordinary person has heard of these organisations. Either we need sustained marketing of a Kitemark like this, of if there is not the political will to do so, to create a new 'Kitemark of Kitemarks' with an effective marketing strategy behind it. It would need to ensure there was a financial gain in participating, and that the companies knew it. I believe that participation in such kitemarks is lower than need be because the entry barriers are higher than need be. My answer to this problem is to base the entry into a kitemark scheme on a pledge, rather than basing it on strict criteria from the start. Once companies make a simple pledge of their choice, and publish it for the public to comment on, then they are beginning a journey whereby they will be drawn into a dialogue, and encouraged to increase their virtuous behaviour.

Laur Hesse Fisher

Dec 16, 2014


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Hi Anton, Thank you for the contest suggestion. We did not find it to be developed enough to be as a contest in 2015, though I encourage you to keep working on the idea for future rounds. ~~ Laur Fisher for the Climate CoLab team