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Jan Kunnas

Jul 16, 2014


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Hi, I linked your proposal to mine, where I argue that we need to unleash the power of example. Competition between communities would be an excellent way to do that!

Jan Kunnas

Jul 17, 2014


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Please also take a look at my new proposal I think there could be a great syngergy between our proposals.

Hemant Wagh

Oct 9, 2014


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Here we create a healthy competition for saving energy & reducing emissions. Wider this spirit better it would be. Kindly go through the following proposal which could be of use to us ii initiating & sustaining such a spirit globally. Thanks. Link is below.

Laur Hesse Fisher

Dec 16, 2014


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Hi Grace, This is a great idea! You may be interested in an initiative in Canada called Project Neutral ( that has neighborhoods compete and collaborate to reduce their collective emissions to zero. ~~ Laur Fisher for the Climate CoLab team