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Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

Very intriguing idea that has potential to it. The core challenges would be why should the large manufacturing companies switch entirely to the specific design mentioned when the bottle shapes are heavily brand/design driven? Key to making this work is having a system in place that would recover the bottles, modify them with the appropriate filling, etc. to make them ready for construction, and then supply them to the entities who will carry out the actual construction. I think that the potential applications stated above (e.g. bridges, tunnels) are not realistic; however the core idea, in my opinion, can go a long way in diverting a large amount of plastic waste from landfills while repurposing it for construction

As already pointed out in other feedback messages to the authors, the idea of re-using plastic bottles for building has been already widely explored: from recycle of commercially available bottles to customised shapes. This proposal introduces a new bottle type "optimised" for use in the construction industry. However barriers to the uptake of the proposed bottle by the main stakeholders are not addressed as are not many other technical aspects, which undermines the strength of this project. Overall the proposal lacks details to make it convincing. In environmental terms a main question remains about the use of plastic bottles by the food industry in the first instance, which then justifies a construction method based on recycling unsustainable materials. 

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