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Plastic bottles can be used as a building brick. People can save a lot of building energy. Thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.



The development of an interesting use will greatly advance the recycling of waste plastic bottles.

Bottle construction unit, hollow resin structure with organic resin material, including longitudinal plug and lateral fastening. And a construction unit connecting pinch. Can fill out the packaging unit, can be filled with sand, filled with water, filled with carbon dioxide, filled with helium. It takes such building unit rigidly connected to the elastic connection, with the buffer function. The building unit is inflatable and filled with excellent insulation. It makes the bricklayer operation extremely simple and no special professional training is needed.

Is this proposal for a practice or a project?


What actions do you propose?

1.Bottle-Brick Block

1-1. Cross section of the Bite Structure Plastic bottle

The flanges are aligned with the side sockets and the reverse locking is fastened.

1-2. Bottle construction unit

Bottle construction unit, hollow resin structure with organic resin material, including longitudinal plug and lateral fastening.

Comprising a half-member and a half-piece member.

1-3 material

The hollow bottle material is resin, preferably PET.

1-4 DIY construction

This project makes the brick work extremely simple. No longer need special professional training, makes DIY building possible.

1-5. Natural Form

Suitable for the room tile.

1-6. Closed form

Suitable for wall.

2.Construction application

2-1. Build house details

Honeycomb wall: honeycomb tile, Honeycomb Foundation.

2-2. Filled with sand

Local materials, strong and solid.

2-3. Filled with water (sea water)

Keep low temperature, air conditioning effect. Fill the hollow body filled with water.

2-4. Filling the air

Resist the cold wind, warm, Winds up.

Can also be filled carbon dioxide?filled with helium in the hollow body.

2-5.Can also be filled with quartz yarn in the hollow body,

and then filled with water glass; filled with cement and gravel, and then water; with adhesive bonding plug; with adhesive bonding straight groove at the buckle.

2-6. Floating tunnel

2-7. Pontoon

2-8. Perforated bridge


Who will take these actions?

1 Coca-Cola, Pepsi

2.Start-up companies

3. hollow blow molding business

Where will these actions be taken?


Africans have already been exploring, if the body structure through the realization of the plug, no special training and size correction. DIY is very convenient.

African people will live in the beautiful house, it is cool filled with water in summer, it is warm filled with the air in winter.

Africa, poor areas

2.North Africa

the use of desert sand

3.Island region

the beautiful Kiribati may be flooded because of global warming and disappear in the island of Kiribati, the Pacific island country Kiribati facing the danger of being submerged due to sea level rise.

Sand construction resources shortage in the South Pacific island countries

Shortage of timber resources in the South Pacific island countries.

4.The Gulf States

They can use natural water instead of cooling.


For the protection of floating tunnels

In addition, specify the country or countries where these actions will be taken.


Country 2

No country selected

Country 3

No country selected

Country 4

No country selected

Country 5

No country selected


What impact will these actions have on greenhouse gas emissions and/or adapting to climate change?

1. Recycling plastic bottles, saving building materials energy.

Coca-Cola annual production of more than 100 billion plastic Coke bottles, equivalent to 3400 per second. Greenpeace statistics also show that the world's top six beverage companies produced by the bottle. The average recovery rate is only 6.6%.

Plastic bottles can replace wood, brick, cement.

2. Insulation - save heat and energy consumption

3. Air conditioning - saving refrigeration energy consumption

What are other key benefits?

1. Reducing the speed of environmental pollution.

Recovery cannot catch up with consumption, global plastic bottle pollution shocking

Only 2016, the global consumption of plastic bottles reached 480 billion, ten years ago this figure is approximately 300 billion. According to Oerlikon's latest global packaging trend report, the global consumption of plastic bottles will reach 588.3 billion in 2021.

Some environmentalists warn of the dangers of plastic pollution as serious as climate change.

2. Block floods--- Soft iceberg

3. Plant fence

From the filling material into the main block.

4. Coastal protection

5.Other construction uses:

Building fences, house roofs, partition walls, pillars, pavilions, fences. dam, anti-riot, water floating platform, power station diversion dam, river flood plugging block; ocean current project closure dam, ocean current project seabed dam, ocean current dam diversion dam, artificial reef, drilling platform, hollow tunnel, Reclamation components, breakwater; vegetable greenhouses, ditch slope protection base; water house castle, air castle, sand house castle, combination boat, toy combination house; sea floating city, inflatable hill, reclamation.


What are the proposal’s projected costs?

 Beverage business: If the cost increases by one cents, the price may increase by 2 cents.



2. Persuaded bottled enterprises to change the packaging.

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